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Welcome to Voyageur Council Service Alliance - SaRVent

The newest program which began in September 2012 in partnership with SAR Global 1, a local volunteer search and rescue group. This program focuses on Search and Rescue as well as Preventative Search and Rescue.

Youth members are trained in Basic Search and Rescue protocols* as well as being trained to provide Hug-A-Tree and Survive Outside and Adventure Smart programs to younger scouting sections, as well as assisting SAR Global 1 with SAR and community events. This program also provides the youth to explore the various Search and Rescue opportunities with local Volunteer organizations such as SAR Global 1 or careers in Search and Rescue with Police Services, The Canadian Coast Guard or Military branches.

* youth members will take part in mock exercises, but due to insurance and legal requirements will not be permitted to take part in actual searches.